Friday, September 23, 2005

New Times Shreds KSBY

It's clear from the current issue of New Times that bad blood continues between our local weekly alternative newspaper and the TV station on the hill.

For the newbies in town, the feud dates back to early 2002 when New Times published a controversial story about KSBY's then beloved superstar Sharon Graves' husband Kevin. There were allegations of public indecency by Kevin at a Cal Poly basketball game and the story quickly turned sordid and dirty. Sharon quit her job on the spot, packed the car and hurried back to the Midwest before copies of New Times could hit the streets. There was a public uproar (Jim Dee of the Palm Theatre, for example, cancelled his advertising, which is why you don't see the Palm listed in NT today), but publisher Steve Moss (rightly, I believe) stood behind the story and took some considerable heat.

So today you have a better chance of seeing pigs fly than you do seeing KSBY and New Times being nice to one another. Was it mere coincidence that the entire KSBY on-air staff snubbed Steve Moss' memorial service last spring? Me thinks not.

So check out this tasty morsel from the Shredder in the current New Times:

"More at 11

New Times got wind that the cast and crew of VH1's "The Surreal Life" would produce KSBY's Action News at 6:30 on Sept. 22. The players this time around include a Playboy TV cover girl, the guy who played George Jefferson, the lead singer of Smashmouth, and Mrs. Brady herself, Florence Henderson. In other words, the broadcast will feature a bunch of semi-celebrities who don't know a thing about the area trying to present the news.

Regular KSBY viewers shouldn't notice much of a difference."


By the way, speaking of KSBY, what's the deal with sportscaster Dave Ailes being shifted over to co-anchor the 11 p.m. news? Does Kimberly Romo need support that badly? Should Tony be getting nervous? Curious minds would like to know.

Stay tuned!


Blogger David Ciaffardini said...

New Times makes a lot of noise about stuff but has been traditionally very poor on the follow up, as if the paper is more interested in seeing and reporting controversy and having it stirred up rather than having it resolved. (At least that was the way it was run under Steve Moss.)

Çome to think of it, I don't think any of the local media outlets are very good on follow through.

For instance, where is the follow up to the Sharon and Kevin Graves story? Where are they, what are they doing, how were their lives changed as a result of those very embarrassing charges? Was it really true, as it was reported in some media, that Sharon Graves leaving this area was not connected to the charges against her husband? Is that how the story ends?

Sharon and Kevin Graves were very public figures, ie. local celebrities, in our community. Sharon was, deservedly, a well loved, very respected member of the media. What happened to her?

And what were the long-lasting raminfications to the local media resulting from New Times decision to report on charges against Kevin and the resulting huge controversy? Has local media subsequently shied away from reporting similar stories for fear of losing advertisers?

As usual, the media gives us only half (if that) of the story.


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